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Frequently Asked Questions About This Site

We are happy to answer your questions about products, customer service, and doing business in general from our website. If there are any questions you don't find answered on this page, please feel free contact us immediately. We'd love to help you!

1. Who is Life Plus and how long have you been in business?

CyberVitamins.com is a registered, licensed Distributor for Life Plus International. We have operated our website since 1995. Life Plus is located in Batesville, Arkansas USA. Life Plus was originally the V.M. Nutri Company, founded in 1936. For almost 50 years, Life Plus manufactured supplements only for the pharmaceutical, medical, and dental industries. In the early 90's Life Plus decided to market their products to the general public.

Life Plus only manufactures doctor quality, pharmaceutical grade products. What does this mean? It means that the same manufacturing processes, (quality testing, cleanliness, record keeping, raw material checks, product batch testing for absorption, and final finished product check) were applied in the making of Life Plus supplements, as the FDA requires of prescription pharmaceuticals. Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers are not required by the FDA to do this, but wouldn't you rather take a product that is assured to be of high quality, exceeds Government Standards, and is totally safe than to take a gamble? This is the Life Plus difference over other nutritional supplement suppliers and manufacturers!

2. When will my order be shipped?

If you place your order before 2:00 P.M Eastern Standard Time (EST) it will normally be shipped the same day. Orders received after 2:00 P.M. EST will usually be shipped the next morning.

3. When will my order arrive?

Orders in the Continental USA are shipped UPS Ground and take approximately three to five business days, depending on where you live. If you have a Post Office Box, your order will be shipped US Priority Mail and will take three to seven business days, depending on where you live.

4. What are shipping prices?

Regular ground UPS shipping prices are as follows in the continental USA:

Regular UPS Shipping Charges for Non-ASAP members (Continental USA)
1 lb. (16 oz.)
2 lbs. (32 oz.)
3 lbs. (48 oz.)
4 lbs. (64 oz.)
5 lbs. (80 oz.)

You may also request 2nd day, or next day UPS air shipping at a slightly higher price. Second day air will add about $3.00 to the shipping charges shown above, and UPS next day air will add about $6.00 (this is approximate). Ground shipping prices are reduced or free for auto-ship members. Please click here for details on auto-shipment member prices.

5. What is your guarantee on your products?

All Life Plus products are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of purchase. You can return any product, even after it has been opened for a refund. Returns are easy, and there is no need to contact us first in most cases. You may partially consume, or completely consume the products during that time. Please be sure to return the product to Life Plus within thirty days of the date of purchase. You may also at your sole discretion, exchange the product for another Life Plus item of the same value. You will be charged the difference if you choose an exchange for a most costly item. In summary, you may choose to receive a refund, or you may exchange item for another product.

6. How and where do I send returns?

If you are not happy for any reason, simply return the unused portion or empty bottles to:

Life Plus International
45 Shirrell Drive
Batesville, AR 72503

Be sure to include your full name, address, and phone number with the return. If you know your Life Plus PIN Number (you are e-mailed this after your first order), include that information as well. Upon receipt and processing of your return, you will be issued an immediate credit to your Credit Card (less shipping charges).

7. I still prefer ordering from a live person. Do you have a toll free telephone number I can call to place my order?

Yes. We would be more than happy to take your order via Toll Free Telephone. To order via phone, click here now, and follow the instructions for ordering via Toll Free Telephone. Be sure to use referral code "274060" if you order via telephone for the first time.

8. Do you accept International Orders?

We do accept International Orders from most countries. If you live anywhere in Europe, your order will be shipped from our office in the United Kingdom. If you live in many parts of the Pacific Rim, Australia, New Zealand, or certain countries in Asia, your order will be shipped from our New Zealand office. Orders from Japan are shipped from the USA. Certain products are not available in all countries. Email us if you have question about a specific product. Or, if you order a product we cannot ship to you, you will be contacted via e-mail. Because regulations overseas can change rapidly, we cannot supply an exhaustive list of products acceptable to your specific country, but Life Plus stays apprised at all times which products can, and cannot be shipped. If we can ship it to you, we will!

9. Do you offer any special discounts?

Yes. All Life Plus products are buy six of the same item, get a 7th for free. This applies no matter what you order, or what the price of the product item is. For example, if you ordered six of our Proanthenols BioComplex HP at $45.50 each, you would receive a 7th bottle of Proanthenols HP for free saving you $45.50! If you ordered six of the large size Proanthenols at $91.50 each, you would receive a 7th bottle for free, saving $91.50! This example holds true for ANY Life Plus product. Buy six of the same item (must be the same product number), and get a 7th totally free. We also offer discounts and free or reduced shipping on many "ASAP" (auto-ship advantage program) Items. Look for the "ASAP" price break which can be found on several products throughout our website.


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