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Become A Life Plus Distributor/Affiliate

I'm Interested, How Does Life Plus Work?

Have you ever gone to a movie or a restaurant and told others how great it was? That is called a "referral." Have you ever referred anyone to a product, a store, or a company you like? Sure you have.

Life Plus expanded this simple referral concept by creating an income opportunity for you. As a Life Plus member, you can make referrals from your home by phone and mail.  You don't have to stock products. You don't pay fees to register or to receive royalty checks each month. You purchase great products at true wholesale for your own use direct from the manufacturer.

When you refer new members to Life Plus yourself, they become first level to you and start new legs. Members that they refer become second level to you. This can continue through an infinite number of levels. Then, each month when you purchase a minimum of only $40 worth of qualifying products for your own use, you will receive your Royalties. Our system incorporates the principle of the multiplication of efforts of others. The first U.S. billionaire, J. Paul Getty said, "I'd rather have 1% of the efforts of others than 100% of what I can do."

We are looking for serious people from all over the globe who would like to join us in this wonderful opportunity.   My wife Mary and I have been doing this business for almost three years, and can help you in your endeavors.  We have offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and of course the USA.  Life Plus manufactures all their own products in the USA in Batesville, Arkansas.  There are many all-natural health products consisting of vitamins, minerals, special herbal formulas, weight loss products, bodybuilding products, natural antibiotics, and more.  If you would like to view the entire product line, click here.  

To view the Life Plus Compensation Plan, please click here now.

Let us summarize the advantages of Life Plus:

No Sign Up Fee

No Renewal Fee

Free E-Commerce Websites for ASAP Members.

Easy 800 Number Ordering For You and Your Referrals

No Inventory Required

No Paperwork

No Checks To Write For Your Downline

Low $40 CV Monthly Qualification (Unheard of in other Companies)

No ridiculous "hoops" to jump through with unnecessary scrutiny of how you build your business

Free 800 product numbers and other business building tools provided by the company
The products are guaranteed by Life Plus, not you! (30 days, money back guaranteed)
Over 100 leading edge products like BioBasics, Proanthenols and Circulation Formula
Sponsor around the world with offices in the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand
Picked by Success Magazine to be a billion dollar company in network marketing

We Need You!

We are looking for committed persons who would like to achieve their goals of financial freedom.   We are committed to helping you and we would be happy to talk to you about how to take advantage of this incredible income opportunity.  If you would like more information write us and please provide the following:

Name Address
Home Phone Fax Number

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you would like to have your own business.  This will help us to assist you in the best program for you in Life Plus.  Do you want to make enough money to get your nutritional supplements for free?  Do you want to make a few extra hundred dollars a month, or would you like to make enough money to totally replace your current income?  The sky is the limit in Life Plus, it's all there you for you. It only requires some hard work, determination, and a belief in yourself.  You can do it!

We are equally interested if you live overseas. Life Plus is EXPLODING in Europe, Japan, and Australia.  Other countries are on the rise.  The Bahamas and Canada are also busting at the seams.   Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!    You do not want to be the person who missed joining the megatrend of the next century.  Natural Health Care is truly the new "megatrend".  Health and Nutrition with alternative medicine, homeopathics, and natural herbs is here to stay.  Get ready for the ride of your life!

How To Start Your Own Business Today

Call Life Plus Toll Free At 1-800-572-8446
International Customers Call the US, then 1-870-698-2311

You will be asked who referred you to Life Plus and for their PIN ID number.  This information is required on your first call only.
  • Give the Operator PIN ID # 137863 (Robert Thompson)
  • You will be assigned your own PIN # for your personal purchases and for your business referrals.  Write this number down. 
  • You may now purchase Life Plus products at wholesale prices and begin your endeavor of referring others to the wonderful Life Plus product line and income opportunity.

Attention International Friends

Contact us first if you want to join Life Plus and you live outside the USA.  We can tell you which Life Plus Office to contact, and whether your country is open for business with Life Plus products.

When you place an order with Life Plus you are automatically a Distributor.  If you wish to place an order online, you may use our Secure Online Ordering Form.
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